This one was pretty weak. I have no suggestions for what they should have done instead, but with such a masterpiece of fuckery, I feel there just should have been better options. » 12/12/13 11:50am 12/12/13 11:50am

What I find most offensive about this is her insistence on always wearing briefs that are so high-cut at the leg. For some reason, this creates a shape that really, really bothers me. Also, this level of nakedness isn't that shocking anymore - She should just go out pantsless and let her vagina sing a solo. » 12/09/13 11:44am 12/09/13 11:44am

Given the same task, your cat would definitely just go outside and perch on top of the particular piece you wanted (based on data gathered from my cats). » 11/28/13 4:07pm 11/28/13 4:07pm

Hmm. I was pro dude after "You think I'm immature? Calling people immature is immature!", but then she got me with "I guess I'm the only one who doesn't realize how awesome you are." » 11/18/13 10:47am 11/18/13 10:47am

I'm also going back and reading 2012 for the first time and I'm DYING to know if you went back. Had to comment so I could track if you came back and made an update. » 11/08/13 3:33pm 11/08/13 3:33pm

SO DAMN SEXIST. Absolutely no information on where I can set up with my binoculars to do some topless dude watching. Do guys love a night out too??? Will no news source ever answer this question?! » 7/25/13 5:29pm 7/25/13 5:29pm